Citrus Research & Technology

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Impresso: 2177-5419
Eletrônico: 2236-3122


Editor Chefe
Fernando Alves de Azevedo

Agricola-USDA, BINAGRI (Agrobase), CAB International, FAO-Agris-Caris, PERI (USP), Portal Livre, Portal Periódicos Capes

Informações Básicas
The Citrus Research & Technology ISSN 2177-5419 printed version and ISSN 2236-3122 on line version (ex-Laranja ISSN 0102-1907), established in 1980, was the first regular publication to address exclusively the citrus industry. It was first published by the name “Boletim Técnico”, however it was re-named to “Anais da Semana da Citricultura” a few years later and finally adopted its current name. Since its foundation, 30 years ago, Citrus Research & Technology (ex-Laranja) has been regarded as a remarkable, permanent source of information on the several areas that are related to the citrus industry.

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