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Maria Claudia Nogueira Zerbin, Fernando Peixoto Ferraz de Campos

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Autopsy and Case Reports is an electronic publication of Hospital Universitário of the University of Sao Paulo (HU USP) which aims to disseminate information and scientific knowledge produced by the hospital staff, external and international health professionals, through the publication of original articles, clinical or experimental studies, and case reports that can contribute to the development of clinical reasoning, diagnostic methods, classification and treatment of diseases. Focused attention is given to the reporting of academic autopsies and/or radiologic-clinical-pathologic correlation, with excellent image documentation. The journal is a quarterly publication, and it is intended to be included in the Database of bibliographic indexing in a near future. Its open access intends to provide a greater global exchange of scientific knowledge. Articles in Portuguese and English are accepted, and submitted to peer review (double blind review). The journal editing is made by an open and customized code system for building and managing of periodical electronic publications of the Open Journal Systems (OJS), produced by the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) of the University of British Columbia, Canada ( In Brazil, it is managed by the Brazilian Institute of Scientific and Technological Information of the Science and TechnoInformações Básicaslogy Ministry (

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